I join all the well-wishers who are here present and those who could not be with us but share in this joyous moment with you in saying a very big congratulation to you on the occasion of your golden jubilee and 3rd Speech & Prize-giving Day.

Further, I wish to express my profound gratitude and appreciation to the Board of Governors, the Headmistress and the Anniversary Planning Committee for not only inviting me to participate in this celebration but also to chair this function.
I have said in the goodwill message I sent earlier to the Planning Committee that fifty years certainly give cause for celebration and also an opportunity to confront and turn your challenges around for a better and brighter future.

Considering the gains you have chalked up since the founding of your school and the desire to improve upon your success, you could not have chosen a better theme for your golden jubilee celebration-FIFTY YEARS OF DISCIPLINE AND STEADY ACADEMIC PROGRESSION.

Young people looking forward to a future of progress and prosperity must be nurtured, motivated and nudged along the paths that are narrow, straight and virtuous. For prosperity or progress to be achieved it must be by a painful and disciplined process and only then can the end result be sweet and glorious, that is why the theme is most appropriate.

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, my role today is not for me to be making long speeches. That is reserved for those on whose shoulder the mantle has fallen. However, let me make a few comments about the GETFund and how it has been supporting government on its commitment to the development of human capital for a BETTER GHANA.
The Fund was set up by an Act of Parliament-Act 581- in August 2000- with a mandate to provide supplementary funding for the provision of educational infrastructure and facilities at all levels of education. Funding is from tax revenues - 2½% of VAT receipts for each year. Over the period between 2001 and 2010, the Fund has received GH¢1,369,937,860.12.  The bulk of this amount-about 45%- between 2001 and 2009, went to the tertiary sub-sector.

The trend of allocation since 2010 has been changing following the reprioritization of spending to take care of some of the very pressing needs at the pre-tertiary sub-sector. In 2010 for instance, the second cycle sub-sector received 35.67% of total expected inflow of GH¢326.69 million whereas in 2011 it received 31.64% of expected inflows of GH¢376.88 million. Out of the allocation made to the second cycle sub-sector for 2010 and 2011, seventy-five (75million cedis) cedis was set aside to deal with the emergency situation we were confronted with as a result of the four-year SHS programme.

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to announce that as at May, 2011 approval had been given for 291 projects to be implemented in various secondary schools across the country. We are doing this while at the same time taking care of the school under trees (SUT) phenomenon. Already some 870 SUT projects are at different levels of completion. It is the commitment of the Board of Trustees of the FUND to support government in expanding infrastructure in our schools so as to give opportunity to many of our young ones to enroll, stay and complete their education in an environment that is supportive of their academic pursuits. I am once again happy to say that KNUST-SHS will receive her fair share in this process, evidence of which is the commissioning of the headmistress’ bungalow built by the FUND.

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen once again it is my pleasure for being here. My profound gratitude and appreciation go to the management of the school and the planning committee for the kind invitation extended to me. May all who have gathered here today to celebrate with KNUST-SHS support me to chair this function.

Happy Golden Jubilee Celebrations!

Thank you.