Public Relations

Head of Department: 

The Public Relations (PR) Department of GETFund is not only responsible for drafting press releases but also building relationships with key media representatives. A critical function of PR department is to be familiar with the attitudes and concerns of GETFund’s consumers, employees, public interest groups, and the public in order to establish and maintain a cooperative working relationships in addition to fulfilling its traditional role of getting GETFund's message out to its stakeholders. The specific functions of the PR Department are:


  • Provide PR Advice to Management

In this consultancy capacity, the PR department advises management on how to tackle specific public relations issues professionally. Furthermore as an information provider it disseminates planned messages to employees through a variety of channels, including newsletters, bulletin boards, posters, etc.

  • Media Interface

PR core function is to control the image of an organisation or client. People act based upon their perception of facts. By managing, controlling, or influencing the public's perceptions, GETFund’s PR successfully creates, changes, or reinforces opinion.

  • Speech Writing

This includes activities such as scheduling speaking engagements and interviews for key GETFund staff, Speech writing for various media, fielding questions from reporters and writing press releases to inform the media of the Fund’s activities.

  • Media Monitoring

The department is responsible for monitoring media reports about the Fund, assessing public attitudes to enable it maintain optimum relations between the Fund and all stakeholders. Thus the PR Department improves channels of communication and institute new ways of setting up a two-way flow of information and understanding.

  • Stakeholder Engagement

Social engagement is a core function of the PR department by preparing and the placement of purposefully planned and executed messages in selected media to further the interest of the Fund and encourage discussions.

  • Publications

In addition to communications media the department is responsible for the production of the Fund’s pamphlets, brochures, documentaries, non-broadcast videos, etc. to promote the work of the Fund

  • Handling Emergencies

In the event of any disaster the PR department is at the forefront of communicating with the Public and any stakeholders on how it is dealing with the problem to regain control of the situation.

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