Head of Department: Anthony S. Debre

GETFund’s Technical department is at the core of the secretariat’s operations and is responsible for the identification, appraisal, and supervision of all projects intended for and or included in the secretariat’s project portfolio. It ensures that the required people and resources are devoted to completing the secretariat’s mandated goal and objectives. The specific functions that the TD is in charge of:


  • Project Management

Project management underpins the capability and success of all projects funded by the secretariat.  Consequently the department is tasked with the preparation of preliminary project cost estimates for budgetary purposes, provide project statistics, and provide standardised architectural and structural designs and project progress reports.

  • Project Coordination

Responsible for the coordination of pre and post contract activities for GETFund’s sponsored projects as well as vetting of contractual claims.

  • Project Monitoring and Evaluation

The department is the custodian of all records essential in monitoring project activities. As well as to assess the outcomes and effectiveness of a projects and identifying improvements thus informing future actions.

  • Works and Services Procurement

In order to carry out its day-to-day activities the department procures goods, services and works from many different external sources (suppliers). Related to this it vets payment certificates and makes recommendations for payment in a manner that ensures the best possible value for money for the secretariat.

  • Contract Administration

The department defines and maintains the standards and processes related to contract administration within the secretariat as well as vetting of contractual claims.

  • Infrastructural Needs Assessment

The department’s Infrastructure Needs Assessment (INA) activities identify what is required for the future, when it is needed, who is responsible for its provision, and how it will be funded.