Internal Audit

Head of Department: Paul Nafrah

GETFund’s Internal Audit department assesses the Secretariat’s commitment to good governance, its goals, programs and activities with the objective of ensuring that the secretariat as a whole can achieve its strategic objectives. The specific functions that the IAD is in charge of include:


  • Risk Management

Evaluates and provides the reasonable assurance that risk management, control and governance systems are functioning as intended enabling the secretariat’s objectives and goals to be met.

  • Evaluating controls and advising Board of Trustees

Assesses the tenor and risk management culture of the secretariat. As well as evaluating and reporting on internal control deficiencies identified and reporting them directly to the board of trustees along with recommendations for improvement.

  • Compliance Management

Ensures compliance to all financial and administrative procedures as they apply individually and collectively to all parts of the secretariat.

  • Assets Management

Collaborates with the Finance Department on asset management by attesting to all assets of secretariat, to ensure their existence and safe custody.

  • Third Party Audit Management

Internal Auditors work closely with external auditors to ensure seamless auditing of the secretariat’s financial statements.

  • Post Audit Review

Review all claims pre and post payment for auditing purposes as well as peruse post-auditing report.