Finance and Accounts

Head of Department: ALEXIS K. ASUINURA

Considered as its backbone the Accounts Department sets up, and maintains financial information that helps generate sound management decision-making processes for the Secretariat.  The specific functions of the Accounts Department are:


  • Claims Payment:

The accounting department ensures that claims are paid to its contractors, suppliers, consultants and other service providers in an accurate and timely fashion.

  • Financial Transactions

As the custodian of all financial transactions and other financial records the department is responsible for tracking all financial related information.

  • Financial Reports

Prepares quarterly and annual financial reports to portray the financial state of the secretariat.  These reports provide a structured representation of GETFund’s financial performance and financial position over time.

  • Annual Distribution Formula

The department prepares the annual distribution formula through a defined funding formula.

  • Annual Budget

The department is responsible for preparing and defending the annual budget for the secretariat.

  • Fixed Assets Management

The accounting department is responsible for recording the secretariat’s fixed assets along with its depreciation. As well as provide recommendations to improve utilisation and performance, reduce capital cost, reduce asset-related operating cost, extend asset life and subsequently improve ROA.

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