Head of Department: 

The Public Relations (PR) Department of GETFund is not only responsible for drafting press releases but also building relationships with key media representatives. A critical function of PR department is to be familiar with the attitudes and concerns of GETFund’s consumers, employees, public interest groups, and the public in order to establish and maintain a cooperative working relationships in addition to fulfilling its traditional role of getting GETFund's message out to its stakeholders. The specific functions of the PR Department are:

Head of Department: Anthony S. Debre

GETFund’s Technical department is at the core of the secretariat’s operations and is responsible for the identification, appraisal, and supervision of all projects intended for and or included in the secretariat’s project portfolio. It ensures that the required people and resources are devoted to completing the secretariat’s mandated goal and objectives. The specific functions that the TD is in charge of:

Head of Department: Paul Nafrah

GETFund’s Internal Audit department assesses the Secretariat’s commitment to good governance, its goals, programs and activities with the objective of ensuring that the secretariat as a whole can achieve its strategic objectives. The specific functions that the IAD is in charge of include:

Head of Department: 

Information Communication Technologies plays a significant role in enabling public sector organisations become efficient and effective in the delivery of its services. GETFund’s ICT department is at the forefront of this by improving co-ordination between the various departments as well as all stakeholders of the secretariat.

Head of Department: Naana Nsafoah Sarpong

Administration is the bedrock of any organisation. Working across all departments the Secretariat’s Administration Department (AD) is tasked with providing administrative and logistical support for the Secretariat. The specific functions that the AD is in charge of:

Head of Department: ALEXIS K. ASUINURA

Considered as its backbone the Accounts Department sets up, and maintains financial information that helps generate sound management decision-making processes for the Secretariat.  The specific functions of the Accounts Department are: