GETFund Establishment

The GETFund was established on 25th August, 2000 when ACT 581 which established it received Presidential Assent .The Fund started operation in 2001.

GETFund's Mandate

The Ghana Education Trust Fund (GETFund) is a public sector agency established by an Act of Parliament to assist nation-wide with financing of education; to provide for the management of the fund and to provide for related matters.

GETFund’s Core Values

  • Deriving from our mission statement we uphold the following core values in all we do and expect to be judged accordingly:

  • Accountability,

  • Ethics,

  • Equity,

  • Efficiency,

  • Professionalism, and

  • Transparency.

GETFund’s Aims/Goals

  • To deliver State finance to support the delivery of education at all levels. To attain the above goal the finance from the Fund is to be expended as follows:

  • Provision of financial support to the agencies and institutions under the Ministry of Education, for the development and maintenance of essential academic facilities and infrastructure in public educational institutions, particularly, in tertiary institutions;

  • To provide supplementary funding to the Scholarship Secretariat for the grant of scholarships to gifted but needy students for studies in second-cycle and accredited tertiary institutions in Ghana;

  • To contribute monies from the Fund towards the operation of student loans schemes for students in accredited tertiary institutions through loan scheme mechanisms and agencies, approved by the Minister;

  • To provide, through the National Council for Tertiary Education, grants to tertiary institutions,

  • To train brilliant students as members of faculties;

  • To undertake research and other academic programmes of relevance to national development; and

  • To provide monies to support such other educational activities and programmes for the promotion of education as the Minister in consultation with the Board may determine.